About Us

We are the group of people who originate from distinct parts of the world and have acquired a very diverse experience of working in challenging enviroment.Now in Pakistan we want to make sure that some existing persistent gaps should be filled by our visionary ideas dressed in some unique simplified strategies.

Our area of experties in finance, technology, management,social upright, microeconomics and cloud based services would gel together in this hightech service oriented project of PIXI Pakistan.

  • Fastest emerging European brand now in Pakistan.
  • Services have enhanced in Europe, North America, South Asia and East Asia.
  • A state of the art and highly responsive cloud based connection providing service
  • With most advanced technology No Data or security issues at Pixi
  • Smooth interface with swift interaction with all the mobile models available in pakistan

Pixi Philosophy

Pakistani nation comprise of passionate, energetic, vigilant and do'ers sort of people.But unfortunately the opportunities have knocked least often at the doors of the people who live at the lower section of economic ladder. We believe that our visionary ideas would help the people start moving up the ladder and touch the skies of economic prosperity and job satisfaction.

Our well articulated concept of change would un-earth the true change which our people deserve at this junction of uncertainity at national level. We want to do what we actually echo in our slogans.

  • To connect the Yet not Connected people
  • We want people to connect with each other and do better in their lives.
  • This gap is visible between many groups of society. Pixi is there now to Bridge the Gap
  • There should not be any hindrance before people to get their needs fulfilled in the most easy and cheapest possible way.
  • At Pixi we ensure that impossible is done in the most possible way
  • People should have the grip on what they spend and what they earn

Our Services

Pixi ride is The Ride Forward. It has its famous 4 P's. Pricy, Professional, Premium and Protocol

Pixi Courier
Inter-City service, From Door to door, for heavy to flower

Pixi Food
Connected with small to all big. Bringing smiles to every far

Pixi Health
You need Doctor, or you need a patient. We are the platform

Pixi Education
No point going to school. School itself can come home

Pixi Road Help
Broken car, looking for mechanic or towing service.

Pixi Emergency
Help, assistance from fire, medical or threat

Pixi Grocery
The biggest online platform bringing you to straight Mandi

Pixi Money
Transfer the headache of sending money, withdrawing cash

Pixi Sell it away
You want to buy a Vehicle.. Drive it, feel it and buy it

Pixi Cutting edge feature

In the 21st century world has finally accustomed with technological advancement and have started rubbing their shoulders with technology as their daily life routine. Pixi does not believe in repetition rather its asserts that tecnological improvements should keep on moving to ease the lives of the people of world. Our cutting edge features would not let our competitors sit on their lourrels and keep twiddling their thumbs.

  • Cloud based Taxi Service with state of the art backup strength
  • Comprehensive package of 9 Value Added services under umbrella
  • Maximum scrutiny of driver and security of customer
  • Minimum time for allocation of job
  • Alternate option for accurate mapping
  • Interactive navigation for suggestion and guidance from public
  • Constant radio program for road and traffic awareness
  • Launch in maximum number of cities
  • Customer Up-Gradation program to Premier ride
  • Driver Up-Gradation program to get a chance to own vehicle
  • Press cards for the drivers in major cities by major media groups

Pixi Value Added

Why have one when you can try for two. One in hand is always good but two on the bush should be brought down as well. AT pixi we want to encourage our users to expect more and always have their cherries on their cakes.

  • Pixi statistics don’t cheat at Peak or Driver Bills
  • Pixi upgradation program 1st in Pakistan
  • Own Vehicle (Backed by biggest financial institutions)
  • Promote yourself to get Premium even when you call Pricy
  • Pixi loyalty card. Add your points redeem elsewhere.
  • Pixi workshop for state of the Art Vehicle friendly services
  • Drive for Pixi in Pakistan and reach anywhere in the world
  • Come onboard and promote yourself to salaried persons

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us any time we will get back to you as soon as possible


  • 66-E, F.C.C Syed Maratab Ali Road, Lahore Pakistan
  • 83 maple parkway staten island new york 11303 USA
  • 53 wexford boulevard Toronto ontario m1R1L2 Canada
  • 26 dilston road newcastle upon tyne NE45AA United Kingdom


+924232804500 (Pak)
+924232804501 (Pak)
+924235754501 (Pak)
+13476665268 (USA)
+16467249665 (CAN)
+447463855553 (Uk)



Our Team

Saeed Ahsan Tirmazi

khurram Tirmazi

Hina Fatima

Ahsan Tirmazi
Director Worldwide Operations

Farwa Ahsan
Director Expansion

Syed Qulib abbas

Syed Mohsin Zanjani
Director Lahore office